The “Numbered File,” which was digitized in its entirety, contains a total of 17 files and 1,007 individual images. The original documents may be found using the Hawaii State Archives Foreign Office and Executive Finding Aid (Series 401). According to the Hawaiʻi State Archives:

“[t]his series consists of undated documents that are separated from the letter of transmittal. It includes reports, petitions, applications, resolutions, letters to the King; Privy Council, Cabinet Council, or Department of Foreign Affairs. Subjects include exchange of gifts with foreign nations; receptions for visiting naval squadrons; exchange of decorations; diplomatic etiquette and salutes; treaty negotiations; government employees; appointments of local officials; petitions for clemency, commutation, pardons, restoration of civil rights; applications for licenses and incorporation of business; draft legislation and regulations.

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  • Numbered Files 1-12
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  • Numbered Files 55-64
  • Numbered Files 65-77
  • Numbered Files 78-89
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  • Numbered Files 180-199
  • Numbered Files 200-208