Aged Hawaiians Collection

The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation donated legal documents related to a civil action filed on behalf of its client, The Aged Hawaiians (an unincorporated association of native Hawaiians), against the Hawaiian Homes Commission (“Commission”) (Aged Hawaiians v. Hawaiian Homes Commission, 78 Haw. 192, 195, 891 P.2d 279, 282 (1995) (Civ. No. 16974); Aged Hawaiians v. Hawaiian Homes Commission, Civ. No. 89-0244, for State of Hawaiʻi Third Circuit Court of Hawaiʻi; In the Matter of the Contested Case Hearings requested by Irene V.K. Torrey and James P. Akiona, Sr., Docket No. 00-022 and -23, Before the Hawaiian Homes Commission, Department of Hawaiian Homelands, State of Hawaiʻi). The Commission was given control over about 200,000 acres of land from which it was to create homesteads for native Hawaiian beneficiaries. Native Hawaiians have been on the waiting list for homestead lands for decades, and many have died while waiting for distribution of the lands held by the Commission. This pivotal case determined that individual beneficiaries could bring a breach of trust case against the state.

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