Kahn - Pre-1901 Laws

The list below includes laws from 1882, 1893, 1895, and 1900. The first title is a compendium of all labor statutes, and includes, for example, major provisions from the Hawaiʻi Masters and Servants Act. It also provides a synopsis of Hawaiʻi Supreme Court cases relating to labor laws. One such synopsis includes a reference to King v. Greenwell which explained that "the whipping of servants or laborers is not justifiable under the laws of this Kingdom." Another notable document below is the "Proclamation Establishing a Provisional Government".

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  • Statutes of the Hawaiian Kingdom Relating to Apprentices and Contract Laborers, with a Synopsis of Rulings and Decisions of the Supreme Court, 1882, 19/71

  • Proclamation Establishing a Provisional Government at the Hawaiian Islands, 1893, 32/40

  • The Militia Law of the Republic of Hawaii, 1895, 20/17

  • An Act to Provide A Government for the Territory of Hawaii, 1900, 20/2