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Ka Huli Ao Digital Archives

Our Mission

Ka Huli Ao Digital Archives is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of digitized documents of legal, historic and cultural significance for Hawai‘i.

Who We Are

Ka Huli Ao was established in 2005 at the Law School through a Native Hawaiian Education Act grant. Ka Huli Ao focuses on education, research and scholarship, community outreach, and the preservation of invaluable historical, legal, and traditional and customary materials. We also offer new courses and support Native Hawaiian and other law students as they pursue legal careers and leadership roles.

Documents in the Archives

In collaboration with the Hawai‘i State Archives we have amassed a collection of approximately three hundred thousand images of historic documents ranging from the Kingdom of Hawai‘i's original Constitution to the journals of the proceedings of the House of Nobles. In an effort to create greater access and greater functionality of the collection the images are being transcribed or processed using optical character recognition, and the resulting text is being mounted, along with the document images, on this website.

Puna Wai Ola

Translated as spring water of life, Punawaiola is the name of a spring in Kailua on Oahu. In 1971 the Hawai‘i Supreme Court held, in Robinson v. McBryde, that Hawai‘i's surface waters belong to the people of Hawai‘i. At Ka Huli Ao we believe that Hawai‘i's history, as evidenced by its legal and government record, belongs in the public trust as well.


Our website content is currently being updated to better cater to the community. Please be patient as text PDFs are being made into smaller text-searchable PDFs. Right now, full sized PDFs are available by right clicking and saving the PDF links under the Browse and Search results pages. Because we are reloading a large amount of our documents, there could be mistakes. Please email us at rwang74@gmail.com if there are any mistakes or broken links. Mahalo!


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